Write 10 Lines on Gorilla

Meet the gorilla, the largest primate on Earth. With their immense size and strength, they are often misunderstood as fierce creatures.

In reality, gorillas are gentle giants, known for their complex social structures and intelligent behaviors. Their world is full of fascinating facts waiting for you to uncover.

10 sentences on Gorilla for kids (set #1)

  1. Gorillas are the largest type of primate, just like monkeys and humans.
  2. They live in forests in Africa, where they eat leaves, fruits, and small insects.
  3. There are two types of gorillas: Mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas.
  4. Mountain gorillas have longer hair to keep warm in colder climates.
  5. Gorillas can walk on their two legs, but they usually use their hands too.
  6. They are very strong and can lift something 10 times their body weight.
  7. A group of gorillas living together is called a troop.
  8. The leader of the troop is called a silverback because of the silver hair on his back.
  9. Gorillas use different sounds, like grunts and roars, to talk to each other.
  10. They also use body language, like beating their chests, to show they are strong.
  11. Gorillas are very smart and can learn sign language to talk to humans.
  12. Even though they are big and strong, gorillas are gentle and shy animals.
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10 lines on Gorilla (set #2)

  1. Gorillas are the largest primates in the world.
  2. They live in groups called troops, led by a dominant male known as a silverback.
  3. Gorillas primarily eat plants, including leaves, stems, and fruits.
  4. There are two main species: the Eastern Gorilla and the Western Gorilla.
  5. Gorillas can’t swim and are afraid of water.
  6. They use a form of sign language to communicate with each other.
  7. Gorillas have unique nose prints, just like humans have unique fingerprints.
  8. A gorilla’s lifespan is between 35 to 40 years in the wild.
  9. They can walk on two legs, but they usually use all four.
  10. Gorillas share about 98% of their genetic code with humans.
  11. They are considered highly intelligent and have been observed using tools.
  12. Gorillas are endangered, with habitat loss and poaching being the main threats.

So, this is 10 points on Gorilla in an easy-to-understand way.

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