Write 10 Lines on Giraffe

Meet the giraffe, the tallest animal on Earth. These long-necked creatures are truly one of nature’s wonders.

Did you know a giraffe’s legs alone are taller than many humans? They’re fascinating animals with unique characteristics worth exploring.

10 sentences on Giraffe for kids (set #1)

  1. Giraffes are the tallest animals on land.
  2. They live in Africa, where they eat leaves from trees.
  3. A giraffe’s long neck helps it reach high branches.
  4. They have a coat with patches, which can be orange, brown, or black.
  5. Giraffes have long legs, almost as long as their necks.
  6. They can run very fast, up to 35 miles per hour!
  7. Giraffes have small horns called ossicones on their heads.
  8. They use their long tongues, which are blue or purple, to grab leaves.
  9. A baby giraffe is called a calf and it can stand up shortly after birth.
  10. When giraffes sleep, they do it standing up or sitting down.
  11. Giraffes live in groups, which are called herds.
  12. They can drink a lot of water at once, but they don’t need to drink every day.
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10 lines on Giraffe (set #2)

  1. Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth, reaching heights up to 18 feet.
  2. They have long necks, which they use to eat leaves from tall trees.
  3. A giraffe’s spots are like human fingerprints – no two giraffes have the same pattern.
  4. Despite their long necks, giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans.
  5. Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up, even when they sleep and give birth.
  6. They can run as fast as 35 miles per hour over short distances.
  7. Giraffes have a special valve in their necks to prevent blood rushing to their heads when they bend down.
  8. Their tongues are blue and can be up to 20 inches long.
  9. Giraffes only need to drink water every few days, as they get most of their water from their leafy meals.
  10. They have large eyes and can see in color, which helps them to watch out for predators.
  11. A group of giraffes is called a tower.
  12. Giraffes live in the grasslands of Africa, where they help to spread seeds and pollinate flowers.

So, this is 10 points on Giraffe in an easy-to-understand way.

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