Write 10 Lines on Early Man

Early man refers to the first humans who lived on Earth millions of years ago. You might know them as cavemen, living in a time when life was much tougher than it is today.

They didn’t have modern tools or technology. Instead, they used stones, bones, and wood to make everything they needed.

10 sentences on Early Man for kids (set #1)

  1. Early man lived a long time ago, even before your great-great-grandparents were born.
  2. They didn’t have homes like us, instead they lived in caves or under big trees.
  3. They couldn’t go to the store for food, so they hunted animals and gathered fruits and nuts.
  4. Early man did not have clothes like we do, they used animal skins to keep warm.
  5. They didn’t have books or schools, they learned everything by watching and doing.
  6. Fire was very important to them, it gave them warmth and helped cook their food.
  7. They made tools from stones, bones, and wood to help them hunt and cut food.
  8. Early man had to be very brave because they lived with wild animals all around them.
  9. They used to draw pictures on the walls of their caves to tell stories.
  10. Early man didn’t have cars or bikes, they had to walk everywhere they went.
  11. They didn’t have doctors or medicine, they used plants to help them when they were sick.
  12. Early man was very strong and clever to survive in such a tough world.
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10 lines on Early Man (set #2)

  1. Early man lived in caves and made simple tools from stone.
  2. Fire was a significant discovery, providing warmth and protection.
  3. They hunted animals for food and wore their skins for clothing.
  4. Early man communicated using simple sounds and gestures.
  5. They painted on cave walls to record their lives and beliefs.
  6. Early humans migrated across the globe, adapting to different climates.
  7. They learned to grow crops, leading to the start of farming.
  8. Agriculture allowed early man to settle in one place, forming communities.
  9. They developed pottery for storing food and carrying water.
  10. Early man learned to work with metals, marking the beginning of the Bronze Age.
  11. They started trading goods with other communities, leading to cultural exchange.
  12. Over time, early man’s societies evolved, paving the way for modern civilizations.

So, this is 10 points on Early Man in an easy-to-understand way.

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